Dubbed the noble sport, Golf is a top entertainment hobby chosen by businessmen. Perhaps first of all because this is a discipline where people of any age, gender can play. Tennis is fun too, but if the 65-year-old boss that your company is trying to reach has suddenly collapsed on the tennis court because of a heart attack while you’re polishing with you, then your job will be miserable. Boxing is even worse.

The handicap calculation system was developed by the American Professional Golf Association to establish equality between players of different levels. In order to calculate a player’s Handicap at a particular golf course, the USGA Handicap calculation system specifies a few formulas to obtain the Handicap index and thereby calculate the official Handicap of that player. But when one plays at another golf course and wants to know what your Handicap is at the golf course, they must use the Handicap Index and recalculate.

The third advantage of golf is that players only spend a very small part of the time playing 4 hours to really hit the ball. They have a lot of time to chat with friends, partners, agreements and closing contracts. Operations cannot be possible with football or other sports.

Finally, most importantly, golf is the subject to test personality. When doing business with anyone, you need to know more about them. Golf teaches players how to stay calm with pressure, not lose their temper and always calculate strategies for the game. These are also essential qualities in business that every entrepreneur must cultivate.

Honest golf culture in a ridiculous way. Obviously you can easily cheat your ball when no one is watching. However, this is absolutely not allowed on the golf course. Fraudsters will be shunned and bad rumors about them will quickly become hooligans everywhere.

The golf star on television is a typical example. When they unfortunately make the ball move, they will report their own punishment – though no one will see it. And that also means losing the right to participate in tournaments and bonuses.