Corine Remande’s right eye suffered a broken eyeball after Brooks Koepka’s strike that’s his golf on the opening day of the Ryder Cup.

In the Ryder Cup tournament between the top European and American golfers, European team won the US Open with a score of 17.5 – 10.5 to regain the title after losing in 2016. The unfortunate incident has caused the tournament to close with a ripple.

On September 28th, that’s the opening day of the Ryder Cup golf tournament, the broken kick of US golfer Brooks Koepka at the sixth hole, Le Golf National Stadium outside Paris, caused the ball to reach the crowd and to hit on into the right eye area of ​​the female audience. Her name is Corine Remande. The 49-year-old woman with eye bleeding and unconsciousness was given first aid in hospital before being transferred to a local hospital.

She said, “The doctor said my right eye was broken. When I was hit by a balloon, I did not hurt, but then the blood started to flow and I could not see. I broke my eyebrow and broken my eyeball.” Three days later, pitiful that, Ms. Corine was reported missing her right eye.

Raphael Remande, that’s the husband of this victim said that when in the best case, she could see dim as the blood bubbles in her eyes dissolved after about a month or so.

Koepka was so shocked by this incident. He proceeded to examine this woman’s health, before giving her the signature glove as an apology.

She is already a fan of golf sport. This golf audience went from Egypt to France to see the classic American and European golfer’s confrontation. She appreciated Koepka’s dedication to trying to alleviate the level of trauma so that Koepka would not lose focus.

On the other hand, she too criticized the organizers of the pitch for not paying attention to the injured, and the pitching staff did not shout out to warn spectators when the ball was close to the crowd. She has been considering a lawsuit against the organizers to pay hospital bills.