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How New players should play as effectively

Properly holding clubs is one of the very important factors that can help new golfers play golf effectively. Your hand must hold around the handle naturally, the thumb and forefinger form a V shape. The letter V is aligned with the left shoulder.

This is the right way to hold sticks to help the blows to maximize the power of the body. If you hold the club in the usual way, it will cause the force from the arm to disperse according to the movement of the body and not to focus on the center of the stick.

When you hit, you should also look at the ball, not the outside. If the golfers are professional, they will do the opposite because they estimate the path of the club and the touch point, but with new golfers, you should pay attention to this.

Some golfers at first play often do not use a tee to hit but hit the grass directly. This is not good because it is easy to do so, which is difficult to beat. Because such golfers often do not have good personal techniques, it is easy to hit hard on obstacles such as rocks or grass tissue.

Therefore, the new golfers should practice golf on the tee. This is a normal way to fight but very much a golfer. You place the tee ball between your legs and insert the tee into the ground with a length of 1 inch. The lower the tee, the higher the angle of attack and vice versa.

This is the perfect distance between the stick and the ball. You should not stand too close to the tee like that, which will make the distance between the stick and the contact ball too close, leading to the power of the body not being able to fully promote.

Participating in basic golf sessions is one of the most effective methods for new golfers to play. Usually the new golfers play they are not familiar with the rules and the best way to fight. Therefore, participating in golf sessions will help them exchange the difficulties they have when playing golf and complement each other with the necessary skills.

Bring golf passion to your wife

For anyone who comes into contact with this noble sport, it is difficult to give up passion. One of the biggest barriers comes from your wife. But obviously not every mate understands this.

First of all, you need to do is convince your partner to set foot on the golf course and feel the great atmosphere in this place. After that, make her say “LIKE” and get ready to learn, get used to and practice golf.

Any weak faction must feel proud when his beloved husband spends time and effort to prepare for the first time to practice golf. This creates motivation and excitement with the above noble sport.

Don’t forget to share your experiences in buying golf equipment, women who love shopping, especially eye-catching designs, attractive colors – will almost make you be enraptured even without trying the golf course.

Their lives always have worries, thoughts about family, and husband and child stories from which they dismiss the excitement of golf. The most important thing now is by yourself, will you be able to grasp the psychology and keep your passion for the sport?

Remember, women are always looking for harmony in their souls, even in sports. If you help your partner to join a girl group to play golf, maintaining her golf interest is not something big. There, your woman will find the excitement, the pleasure and the feeling of sharing all the joys – an indispensable thing for any golfer if you want to maintain passion.

The image of the “difficult teacher” needs to be removed immediately to help the partner get the best psychology, the most fun feeling – as soon as the partner feels that way, it is also when they are available. Ready for improving your golfing techniques to be effective.

How much is the cost of playing golf for newbie

You are a newbie and are wondering “how much does golf cost?” – Of course, the cost of playing golf is very expensive, can be up to hundreds of million to be able to participate. However, you can reduce your golf expenses by the way we show below.

Golf sticks are not all expensive things but they are the most basic equipment of golf, and for many, this is the most expensive for their golf costs. A simple search on Google came up with millions of different results, from a top Honma set costing about $ 700 at a price of $ 500 or a set of Ping G400 sticks.

The price is $ 600 million, Taylormade M4 is priced at $ 400. Or maybe look for cheaper club brands like Mizuno that cost about $ 200 in golf stores in the market.  Golfing costs vary depending on the type of facility and the golf market where you live or visit.

First, the golf market: The golf market, like everything else in a market economy, is driven by supply and demand. In cities where there are few golf courses or cities where golf markets cater to leisure travelers, the golf course fee will naturally be higher.

In many golf courses there will be lower costs due to competition. Golfing fees in larger cities tend to be higher in smaller cities and towns.

Second, the type of establishment makes a big difference in how much they charge. Golf courses with club houses and resorts will cost more. Built to serve high-class customers, not average golfers.

Daily tuition courses are public courses owned by private companies. Depending on related construction and maintenance costs, geographic location and many other factors, daily course fees can be as low as $ 25 per round (18 holes) or as expensive as resort courses. cool (hundreds of dollars).

Why do entrepreneurs go on golfing together without tennis

Dubbed the noble sport, Golf is a top entertainment hobby chosen by businessmen. Perhaps first of all because this is a discipline where people of any age, gender can play. Tennis is fun too, but if the 65-year-old boss that your company is trying to reach has suddenly collapsed on the tennis court because of a heart attack while you’re polishing with you, then your job will be miserable. Boxing is even worse.

The handicap calculation system was developed by the American Professional Golf Association to establish equality between players of different levels. In order to calculate a player’s Handicap at a particular golf course, the USGA Handicap calculation system specifies a few formulas to obtain the Handicap index and thereby calculate the official Handicap of that player. But when one plays at another golf course and wants to know what your Handicap is at the golf course, they must use the Handicap Index and recalculate.

The third advantage of golf is that players only spend a very small part of the time playing 4 hours to really hit the ball. They have a lot of time to chat with friends, partners, agreements and closing contracts. Operations cannot be possible with football or other sports.

Finally, most importantly, golf is the subject to test personality. When doing business with anyone, you need to know more about them. Golf teaches players how to stay calm with pressure, not lose their temper and always calculate strategies for the game. These are also essential qualities in business that every entrepreneur must cultivate.

Honest golf culture in a ridiculous way. Obviously you can easily cheat your ball when no one is watching. However, this is absolutely not allowed on the golf course. Fraudsters will be shunned and bad rumors about them will quickly become hooligans everywhere.

The golf star on television is a typical example. When they unfortunately make the ball move, they will report their own punishment – though no one will see it. And that also means losing the right to participate in tournaments and bonuses.

Why do entrepreneurs like to play golf

Golf sport and businessmen have many similarities.  Leadership is like participating in a Golf competition. Golfers are indispensable for their sticks and a good leader is indispensable to talented and leadership-minded staff.

It is no coincidence that many leaders choose to play golf. Behind this sport, there are many valuable lessons about the application of human resource management skills.  Entrepreneurs who are in senior positions must take care of many administrative, executive and strategic planning tasks.

Their capacity is assessed through efforts and strives for the organization’s development. In fact, there are many cases where entrepreneurs engage in business and then take on failures because of unforeseen difficulties.

While playing golf, the capacity of golfers is not only reflected in how many times you hit the target, but also by how many times you swing the ball to hit the first ball to hit the target. No leader or golfer can succeed without perseverance pursuing the ultimate goal they set.

Another reason that entrepreneurs prefer to play golf is playing golf just like business requires a clear strategy. When playing golf, besides effort and effort, the strategy also plays an extremely important role in the success of the career. During play, players must consider all factors such as weather, terrain, distance … in a clear and thorough way to choose the most appropriate way to play.

An entrepreneur, too, when working, they must set a plan for the present and the future. They must map the development path for the business within 3 or 5 years and the vision of the organization in stages. In fact, they have to make a list of work to do and must prepare the most logical strategy to accomplish the goals set out.

Both business and golf have something in common that prioritizes the need. In business, leaders need to know how to apply a maximum of 24 hours to solve a lot of jobs. In addition, executives need to find a trusted assistant to learn to help solve small tasks so that leaders can focus on more important things.

The basic golf rules need to know

Golf is a sport what the player uses a small batting stick from one place until the ball reaches a small hole elsewhere, within the same range of land not under a fixed law. After he hits the ball into the specified number of holes (usually 18), the rating is calculated. The less the number of hits, the higher the rank.

To play golf, players need to have a field of several tens of hectares of grass, grow expensive grass to match and not block or change the force and direction of the blow. In the golf course is beautifully designed, cool, quiet. A standard golf course consists of 18 holes, there are 3 types of holes: Standard 3, standard 4, and standard 5. A hole will have many different types of terrain.

Golf rules are complex and strictly regulated by golf law. Golfers need to play their ball from the start (tee box) until it falls into the green. Each touch is counted for one point. The player will then continue on the next Golf Road. A complete golf course with 18 roads, players can play a round (18 lines) or half a round (9 lines) or 2 rounds (36 lines).

After the end of the game, the player calculates the total number of points earned, whoever has the least points wins. How to play simple, so the rules are very tight and all aim to increase the score of the player.

And the structure of the golf course is also aimed at that, all the bushes, hills, ponds and lakes are properly designed to fall into the ball range for players to make mistakes (depending on the error, a penalty of 1 to 3 points or turns) about the departure place …). Nothing has changed much since then, and in international competitions, people still take it as the basic law.

The audience was blinded after the American golfers hit

Corine Remande’s right eye suffered a broken eyeball after Brooks Koepka’s strike that’s his golf on the opening day of the Ryder Cup.

In the Ryder Cup tournament between the top European and American golfers, European team won the US Open with a score of 17.5 – 10.5 to regain the title after losing in 2016. The unfortunate incident has caused the tournament to close with a ripple.

On September 28th, that’s the opening day of the Ryder Cup golf tournament, the broken kick of US golfer Brooks Koepka at the sixth hole, Le Golf National Stadium outside Paris, caused the ball to reach the crowd and to hit on into the right eye area of ​​the female audience. Her name is Corine Remande. The 49-year-old woman with eye bleeding and unconsciousness was given first aid in hospital before being transferred to a local hospital.

She said, “The doctor said my right eye was broken. When I was hit by a balloon, I did not hurt, but then the blood started to flow and I could not see. I broke my eyebrow and broken my eyeball.” Three days later, pitiful that, Ms. Corine was reported missing her right eye.

Raphael Remande, that’s the husband of this victim said that when in the best case, she could see dim as the blood bubbles in her eyes dissolved after about a month or so.

Koepka was so shocked by this incident. He proceeded to examine this woman’s health, before giving her the signature glove as an apology.

She is already a fan of golf sport. This golf audience went from Egypt to France to see the classic American and European golfer’s confrontation. She appreciated Koepka’s dedication to trying to alleviate the level of trauma so that Koepka would not lose focus.

On the other hand, she too criticized the organizers of the pitch for not paying attention to the injured, and the pitching staff did not shout out to warn spectators when the ball was close to the crowd. She has been considering a lawsuit against the organizers to pay hospital bills.


What does the British Open 2018 champion say about the Nike golf brand

Francesco Molinari is British Open champion in 2018. A lot of golf fans who followed Francesco Molinari’s performance at Carnoustie found something strange on his turf. In particular, although his golf clothes still carry the Nike logo, but none of the clubs have this element.

For golfers, equipping themselves with a standard set of golf clubs is extremely needed and important. It directly affects the golfing process as well as the results of training and competition. .

Golf-club is an integral part of this sport. When Nike Golf decided not to sell the golf-club two years ago, it only focused on selling fashion and shoes. This means that Nike-sponsored golfers like Molinari, Brooks Koepka and Patrick Reed are allowed to search for other golf-clubs for using in tournaments. Francesco Molinari started saying about the Nike Golf brand.

After his victory at the British Open, Molinari continued his journey to win the big and small titles. Then, he was interviewed about the process of finding suitable golf-clubs before the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational tournament began.

“When Nike stopped making golf equipment, I considered this an opportunity to try out more brands. Then I can find the best fit. This is not an easy task, especially for people who have been sticking for 12 years on Nike. I do not know much about other brands of instruments, which makes me to take longer to experiment.” Francesco Molinari said that.

When asked about whether he felt free to play any golf-clubs, he shared that he was interested in being chosen by Nike to be more suitable for him. He reminded that: “To be honest, it made me realize how much support I got from Nike as well as the designers of the golf-club.” It can be seen that finding a set of golf-club is not easy, even for professional golfers.