The golf ball may seem small, but inside it is a lot of interesting things. It’s a floating or sunken golf ball, let’s find out in this article. There are two types of golf ball: floating golf ball and sunken golf ball.

Usually when going to the golf course, golfers will use more submersible golf balls than floating golf balls, floating golf balls are often used for training courses when hitting the lake with a design that helps the ball be strong and durable in the environment country.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đánh golf

For submersible golf balls, designed golf balls absorb water. It only takes about 12 hours for water to seep into the shell and to the core, the amount of absorption varies between different golf balls and the time they are submerged. For drying, even at high temperatures, it will not drain water out.

The amount of water remaining in the ball, although not affecting the aerodynamic surface, has many effects on distance as well as energy.

Floating golf balls are not significantly different from normal golf balls. The rules set maximum weight and minimum diameter for a ball. Making the balls heavier and smaller increases the stroke distance, so it is obvious that normal golf balls go to these limits and therefore will have a density of about 1.09 as they will sink in water.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đánh golf

To create a floating ball, you’ll only need to adjust the mixture used and thus make it bigger (keep weight) or make it lighter keep the diameter to achieve a density of less than 1.0, typical floaters do. The same reduction in weight will increase performance rather than increase size.

The synthetic material used is the same as in ordinary balls and is difficult to distinguish from each other. So why not play floating golf? Because they will have to reduce the density of the ball too much, this makes the distance and ability of the player to be reduced by half or more.

In short, there are two types of floating and submersible golf balls, and most players will use submersible golf balls to ensure the distance and performance of the golf balls are always guaranteed, while floating golf balls are the preferred type. with golf courses around the lake.