1. Do not give up

Tom Brady did not play well at The Match: Champions for Charity, but there was one thing he never thought of. That is giving up.

After faint strokes in the first half of the fourball series, Brady pulled his wedge on hole 7 and scored a birdie from a distance of more than 100 yards that surprised commentators. At hole 11, “the best player of all time in American football” continued to score Eagle to bring the first hole of the day for the team and shorten the gap to 2Up.

Looking beyond reality, sometimes you’re paired with someone who doesn’t play well. Like Brady, never give up and continue to do your best, even if it’s only one hole left for two.

People can forgive an inferior teammate, but never forgive someone who stops trying and gives up.

  1. Don’t make bad pits worse

If a teammate hits a ball into the woods and has to “rescue” them, it is worse than falling into a water trap, out-of-bounds (OB) or some other indisputable score, or taking a step back and think. They need you to calm down, keep your ball in play. Do not pull the club too early to put your ball in the same situation as before.

  1. Don’t apologize during the round

Many pro players have said: If you play badly, or even slide at a very short distance and lose points in that hole, don’t rush to apologize. At this point, you need to focus, be optimistic and move your teammates forward. You have work to do rather than blame yourself.

  1. Don’t rush put without listening to advice

Remember, you are part of the group. Anything you do can affect the outcome of both. Therefore, if you are going to make a close putt, do not forget to consult your playmate for other ideas on how to put the ball.

  1. Don’t ignore advice

You are not required to follow your teammates’ thinking because in general, you are the one who makes the shots. However, do not ignore the advice but evaluate them yourself because sometimes, they may see things that you do not recognize.