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How New players should play as effectively

Properly holding clubs is one of the very important factors that can help new golfers play golf effectively. Your hand must hold around the handle naturally, the thumb and forefinger form a V shape. The letter V is aligned with the left shoulder.

This is the right way to hold sticks to help the blows to maximize the power of the body. If you hold the club in the usual way, it will cause the force from the arm to disperse according to the movement of the body and not to focus on the center of the stick.

When you hit, you should also look at the ball, not the outside. If the golfers are professional, they will do the opposite because they estimate the path of the club and the touch point, but with new golfers, you should pay attention to this.

Some golfers at first play often do not use a tee to hit but hit the grass directly. This is not good because it is easy to do so, which is difficult to beat. Because such golfers often do not have good personal techniques, it is easy to hit hard on obstacles such as rocks or grass tissue.

Therefore, the new golfers should practice golf on the tee. This is a normal way to fight but very much a golfer. You place the tee ball between your legs and insert the tee into the ground with a length of 1 inch. The lower the tee, the higher the angle of attack and vice versa.

This is the perfect distance between the stick and the ball. You should not stand too close to the tee like that, which will make the distance between the stick and the contact ball too close, leading to the power of the body not being able to fully promote.

Participating in basic golf sessions is one of the most effective methods for new golfers to play. Usually the new golfers play they are not familiar with the rules and the best way to fight. Therefore, participating in golf sessions will help them exchange the difficulties they have when playing golf and complement each other with the necessary skills.

The basic golf rules need to know

Golf is a sport what the player uses a small batting stick from one place until the ball reaches a small hole elsewhere, within the same range of land not under a fixed law. After he hits the ball into the specified number of holes (usually 18), the rating is calculated. The less the number of hits, the higher the rank.

To play golf, players need to have a field of several tens of hectares of grass, grow expensive grass to match and not block or change the force and direction of the blow. In the golf course is beautifully designed, cool, quiet. A standard golf course consists of 18 holes, there are 3 types of holes: Standard 3, standard 4, and standard 5. A hole will have many different types of terrain.

Golf rules are complex and strictly regulated by golf law. Golfers need to play their ball from the start (tee box) until it falls into the green. Each touch is counted for one point. The player will then continue on the next Golf Road. A complete golf course with 18 roads, players can play a round (18 lines) or half a round (9 lines) or 2 rounds (36 lines).

After the end of the game, the player calculates the total number of points earned, whoever has the least points wins. How to play simple, so the rules are very tight and all aim to increase the score of the player.

And the structure of the golf course is also aimed at that, all the bushes, hills, ponds and lakes are properly designed to fall into the ball range for players to make mistakes (depending on the error, a penalty of 1 to 3 points or turns) about the departure place …). Nothing has changed much since then, and in international competitions, people still take it as the basic law.