You are a newbie and are wondering “how much does golf cost?” – Of course, the cost of playing golf is very expensive, can be up to hundreds of million to be able to participate. However, you can reduce your golf expenses by the way we show below.

Golf sticks are not all expensive things but they are the most basic equipment of golf, and for many, this is the most expensive for their golf costs. A simple search on Google came up with millions of different results, from a top Honma set costing about $ 700 at a price of $ 500 or a set of Ping G400 sticks.

The price is $ 600 million, Taylormade M4 is priced at $ 400. Or maybe look for cheaper club brands like Mizuno that cost about $ 200 in golf stores in the market.  Golfing costs vary depending on the type of facility and the golf market where you live or visit.

First, the golf market: The golf market, like everything else in a market economy, is driven by supply and demand. In cities where there are few golf courses or cities where golf markets cater to leisure travelers, the golf course fee will naturally be higher.

In many golf courses there will be lower costs due to competition. Golfing fees in larger cities tend to be higher in smaller cities and towns.

Second, the type of establishment makes a big difference in how much they charge. Golf courses with club houses and resorts will cost more. Built to serve high-class customers, not average golfers.

Daily tuition courses are public courses owned by private companies. Depending on related construction and maintenance costs, geographic location and many other factors, daily course fees can be as low as $ 25 per round (18 holes) or as expensive as resort courses. cool (hundreds of dollars).