Lars Holden expert shared his views on why golf is becoming a pervasive sport and has attracted more and more participants. A full golf bag has a number of sticks up to 20 pieces. Golf tools also tell a lot about players. From the colors of the costumes, the bags covering the heads of the sticks they use all display the character of the player.

For example, users of Titleist products are often serious players and want to achieve the best performance while Honma users are generally rich people who want to show their class. With so many different types and brands of tools today, the game is great for those who love new things and new tools.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chơi golf thế giới

Style is becoming very important in golf, and golfers in Vietnam are no different from golf enthusiasts in any other country. We are seeing more and more colors appear on the golf course like colors of clothes, tools, shoes, hats and brands like Footjoy and Puma regularly innovate their products with sophisticated style. , variety of colors. And players are always excited to wait for the latest designs from professional designers.

It can be said that no sport is played on a large area like golf. In Vietnam, Phoenix Golf has the largest area of ​​golf area with 54 holes located in a spectacular landscape area.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chơi golf thế giới

Many 36-hole golf complexes have been built, and many other golf projects are also being implemented. However, size is not the most important aspect, but the landscape and new yard design are the concern of most players.

A round of 18 holes usually takes 5 to 6 hours. If the weather is cool, it doesn’t matter, but playing golf in a weather of more than 30 degrees Celsius is a rather tiring problem that is common in Asia. However, when playing golf with friends, enjoying the smiles of caddies and walking around the golf courses will make a long round of golf more interesting and pleasant.