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Golf tournament supports those who lost their jobs because of COVID-19 in Texas

A golf course in Texas holds a golf tournament to support employees quitting their jobs because of disease. Professional players like Viktor Hovland, Scottie Scheffler, Harry Higgs and possibly Jordan Spieth will participate in a 54-hole tournament with the aim of raising money at Maridoe Stadium, Texas.

Before returning to the PGA Tour officially next June, golfers are slowly regaining their sense of competition through some meaningful activities at home.

Maridoe Samaritan Fund Invitational, the tournament kicked off from April 28-30 with 72 players. These include some professional golfers like Viktor Hovland, Scottie Scheffler or Harry Higgs. In addition, the tournament also featured former NBA champion Deron Williams, recent high-achieving college students such as All-Americans Quade Cummins (Oklahoma), Cooper Dossey (Baylor), Pierceson Coody (Texas) and Austin Eckroat ( Oklahoma State). The 56th world-class golfer, member of Jordan Spieth Club, was originally scheduled to attend but was stuck with the meeting of the PGA Tour Player Advisory Council on the first day of the war. However, he is still expected to participate at the event.

Mr. Albert Huddleston, owner of Maridoe Club, said the idea for the tournament appeared less than two weeks ago. When he happened to talk to Spieth and the other members. They haven’t played a tournament in a while. The next day, 24 golfers pledged to participate.

All proceeds from the tournament, including the participation fee of 250 USD per golfer and minus the prize for the top pro players will be donated to the club cadres affected by COVID-19.

The tournament will also apply measures to maintain social distance and prevent epidemics from spreading such as: Do not use electric cars, caddies; there is no scratch in the bunker; a player who fails to arrive more than 30 minutes before teeing off, is required to keep a distance of 6 feet. The practice area will be changed to a Par 3 court for golfers to warm up quickly before each round, etc.

After the fundraising golf tournament, Maridoe will host the Southern Amateur in July and the Maridoe Collegiate Invitational in September. Mr. Albert Huddleston hopes that the success of the tournament can convey the message that Golf tournaments can still be held safely, in accordance with local rules of distance and guidance from the CDC.

Useful and effective tips for golfers to play golf on a hot summer day

  1. Choose cool, suitable golf clothes

Golf has strict rules about outfits when playing or practicing. Therefore, when choosing golf clothes in the summer, golfers also need to be sure of this regulation to choose the most suitable clothes.

The golfer will have to move continuously on the outdoor patio, so the material must absorb sweat well. With shirt should be a collar and a net shirt to ensure elegance and politeness; Just dry, feels comfortable. Pants should be made from khaki. The golfer can choose shorts or skirts (with female golfer). However, no more than 6 inches above the head.

Other accessories such as golf shoes, golf hats, umbrellas, golf glasses, etc. should be considered to create the personality of each golfer and bring sun protection.

  1. Don’t skip the boot step

The fatal mistake of many golfers is not to heat up before training or competition. Even in hot weather, golfers should still perform well the warm-up to reduce the risk of injury, increase endurance, long-lasting flexibility on the playing field. Having the best physical strength and strong mentality will help golfers easily score expensive hole in one points.

  1. Provide adequate water for the body

When traveling long hours on golf courses with diverse terrain and tropical monsoon climate, golfers are easy to fall into the state of disturbance of balance due to dehydration and lack of salt. if not add enough water to the body.

Before entering these exciting August golf tournaments, golfers should drink a full 0.5 liters of water before playing and take small sips as they pass through each hole. Limit soda and alcohol because they make you lose more water. Cold water or electrolyte supplement are good options for golfers.

However, it is not good to replenish more water, it should be based on the needs of the body. Drinking a lot of water after high intensity activity can make the body sweat, lose the necessary salt, cause cramps and increase the burden on the heart.

  1. Additional energy when competing / practicing

To maintain the best performance for a round of handicap days, athletes need adequate nutrition. Therefore, many tournaments focus on snacks for athletes between turns.

Usually before training, the golfer will eat a little starch or fruit to replenish the heat needed for the body. At the end of the round, you should eat lots of eggs, lean meat, fish to supplement protein, helping the body always in the best state for the tournament.

  1. Use sunscreen

Playing at professional or amateur golf tournaments at this time, all golfers have to spend many hours in direct sunlight under the sun. Using sun-blocking accessories like golf hats, gloves or goggles is not enough. Golfers need to use more sunscreens with high SPF to prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays in sunlight to the skin and body.