PGA Tour: Abraham Ancer learned a valuable lesson because he imitated Rory McIlroy

World No. 22 Golfer Abraham Ancer learned a valuable lesson because he imitated Rory McIlroy at the PGA Tour. Ancer lost his PGA Tour card because he tried to change his style and give up his knack.

Ancer said on December 2 that he quickly realized he had made a big mistake when trying to follow the play style of other golfers. He is about to enter the Mayakoba Classic painting, the PGA Tour event in his native Mexico from December 3 to December 6.

It happened at the Open 2015, now the Safeway Open. It was also the first time Ancer had fought the PGA Tour. At that time, the competitor born in 1991 happened to practice adjacent to the place of Rory McIlroy – now won four major in 10 PGA Tour titles and twice became number one in the world (OWGR).

It was cold that morning. He went to the training ground and practiced the number 7 iron. Then Rory came up beside him. He used the number 5 iron. The ball kept soaring up into the air, against the wind, and reaching 210 yards without touching the ground. He kept gasping, thinking he could not compare. Then he started trying to hit farther and higher without realizing his own strengths gradually shattering. That idea is terrible.

After opening his eyes to McIlroy, Ancer began to change his style of play. However, the new ones are patchy, fragmentary. He swapped golf clubs and tried many things. He kept wearing the play style of the world’s top players without taking care of his forte and overcoming his shortcomings. As a result, he quickly slipped down in just 5 months.

Ancer’s changes left a heavy technical and psychological impact. Ancer was cut in nine consecutive events. In the following 10 tournaments, he only returned to the top 20 once. In early 2016, Ancer lost his PGA Tour card and had to go down to Korn Ferry Tour to find his way back.

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA – NOVEMBER 13: Abraham Ancer of Mexico reacts on the third hole during the second round of the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club on November 13, 2020 in Augusta, Georgia. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

When he dropped, he was calm again. The lesson is expensive. But also thanks to it that he found himself again. And from there, he was determined to promote his strengths to achieve the present results.

Returning to his forte game during relegation, Ancer finished third three times, added three times to the top 5 and regained his PGA Tour card. Since then, he has steadily climbed to OWGR, from 272th to current 22nd and at times to 17th.

Since 2017, Ancer has twice entered the Tour Championship, the annual PGA Tour closing event for the top 30 players on the FedEx Cup scorecard. Last season, Ancer attended 20 events and 17 elimination times, of which twice came second, receiving nearly three million dollars in prize money. This season, he played the weekend in all five appearances, with the brightest point being in the top group after 54 holes and finishing T13 in the major Masters on November 15.

Golf tournament supports those who lost their jobs because of COVID-19 in Texas

A golf course in Texas holds a golf tournament to support employees quitting their jobs because of disease. Professional players like Viktor Hovland, Scottie Scheffler, Harry Higgs and possibly Jordan Spieth will participate in a 54-hole tournament with the aim of raising money at Maridoe Stadium, Texas.

Before returning to the PGA Tour officially next June, golfers are slowly regaining their sense of competition through some meaningful activities at home.

Maridoe Samaritan Fund Invitational, the tournament kicked off from April 28-30 with 72 players. These include some professional golfers like Viktor Hovland, Scottie Scheffler or Harry Higgs. In addition, the tournament also featured former NBA champion Deron Williams, recent high-achieving college students such as All-Americans Quade Cummins (Oklahoma), Cooper Dossey (Baylor), Pierceson Coody (Texas) and Austin Eckroat ( Oklahoma State). The 56th world-class golfer, member of Jordan Spieth Club, was originally scheduled to attend but was stuck with the meeting of the PGA Tour Player Advisory Council on the first day of the war. However, he is still expected to participate at the event.

Mr. Albert Huddleston, owner of Maridoe Club, said the idea for the tournament appeared less than two weeks ago. When he happened to talk to Spieth and the other members. They haven’t played a tournament in a while. The next day, 24 golfers pledged to participate.

All proceeds from the tournament, including the participation fee of 250 USD per golfer and minus the prize for the top pro players will be donated to the club cadres affected by COVID-19.

The tournament will also apply measures to maintain social distance and prevent epidemics from spreading such as: Do not use electric cars, caddies; there is no scratch in the bunker; a player who fails to arrive more than 30 minutes before teeing off, is required to keep a distance of 6 feet. The practice area will be changed to a Par 3 court for golfers to warm up quickly before each round, etc.

After the fundraising golf tournament, Maridoe will host the Southern Amateur in July and the Maridoe Collegiate Invitational in September. Mr. Albert Huddleston hopes that the success of the tournament can convey the message that Golf tournaments can still be held safely, in accordance with local rules of distance and guidance from the CDC.

Useful and effective tips for golfers to play golf on a hot summer day

  1. Choose cool, suitable golf clothes

Golf has strict rules about outfits when playing or practicing. Therefore, when choosing golf clothes in the summer, golfers also need to be sure of this regulation to choose the most suitable clothes.

The golfer will have to move continuously on the outdoor patio, so the material must absorb sweat well. With shirt should be a collar and a net shirt to ensure elegance and politeness; Just dry, feels comfortable. Pants should be made from khaki. The golfer can choose shorts or skirts (with female golfer). However, no more than 6 inches above the head.

Other accessories such as golf shoes, golf hats, umbrellas, golf glasses, etc. should be considered to create the personality of each golfer and bring sun protection.

  1. Don’t skip the boot step

The fatal mistake of many golfers is not to heat up before training or competition. Even in hot weather, golfers should still perform well the warm-up to reduce the risk of injury, increase endurance, long-lasting flexibility on the playing field. Having the best physical strength and strong mentality will help golfers easily score expensive hole in one points.

  1. Provide adequate water for the body

When traveling long hours on golf courses with diverse terrain and tropical monsoon climate, golfers are easy to fall into the state of disturbance of balance due to dehydration and lack of salt. if not add enough water to the body.

Before entering these exciting August golf tournaments, golfers should drink a full 0.5 liters of water before playing and take small sips as they pass through each hole. Limit soda and alcohol because they make you lose more water. Cold water or electrolyte supplement are good options for golfers.

However, it is not good to replenish more water, it should be based on the needs of the body. Drinking a lot of water after high intensity activity can make the body sweat, lose the necessary salt, cause cramps and increase the burden on the heart.

  1. Additional energy when competing / practicing

To maintain the best performance for a round of handicap days, athletes need adequate nutrition. Therefore, many tournaments focus on snacks for athletes between turns.

Usually before training, the golfer will eat a little starch or fruit to replenish the heat needed for the body. At the end of the round, you should eat lots of eggs, lean meat, fish to supplement protein, helping the body always in the best state for the tournament.

  1. Use sunscreen

Playing at professional or amateur golf tournaments at this time, all golfers have to spend many hours in direct sunlight under the sun. Using sun-blocking accessories like golf hats, gloves or goggles is not enough. Golfers need to use more sunscreens with high SPF to prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays in sunlight to the skin and body.

5 things players should do when playing team

  1. Do not give up

Tom Brady did not play well at The Match: Champions for Charity, but there was one thing he never thought of. That is giving up.

After faint strokes in the first half of the fourball series, Brady pulled his wedge on hole 7 and scored a birdie from a distance of more than 100 yards that surprised commentators. At hole 11, “the best player of all time in American football” continued to score Eagle to bring the first hole of the day for the team and shorten the gap to 2Up.

Looking beyond reality, sometimes you’re paired with someone who doesn’t play well. Like Brady, never give up and continue to do your best, even if it’s only one hole left for two.

People can forgive an inferior teammate, but never forgive someone who stops trying and gives up.

  1. Don’t make bad pits worse

If a teammate hits a ball into the woods and has to “rescue” them, it is worse than falling into a water trap, out-of-bounds (OB) or some other indisputable score, or taking a step back and think. They need you to calm down, keep your ball in play. Do not pull the club too early to put your ball in the same situation as before.

  1. Don’t apologize during the round

Many pro players have said: If you play badly, or even slide at a very short distance and lose points in that hole, don’t rush to apologize. At this point, you need to focus, be optimistic and move your teammates forward. You have work to do rather than blame yourself.

  1. Don’t rush put without listening to advice

Remember, you are part of the group. Anything you do can affect the outcome of both. Therefore, if you are going to make a close putt, do not forget to consult your playmate for other ideas on how to put the ball.

  1. Don’t ignore advice

You are not required to follow your teammates’ thinking because in general, you are the one who makes the shots. However, do not ignore the advice but evaluate them yourself because sometimes, they may see things that you do not recognize.

The Rematch of Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods Is Coming this May

In the world of golf, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are always the golfers that attract the most attention from fans as well as the media. There have been rumors that the two famous golfers will have a rematch this year, and this information has been officially confirmed by insiders.

No more rumors, when Phil Mickelson himself confirmed he will have a rematch with Tiger Woods at the end of May this year. However, this match will be a little different from 2 years ago.

First, two American rugby stars, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, will compete with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. In addition, all proceeds from the match will be donated to the COVID-19 epidemic prevention funds in the US.

In 2018, Phil Mickelson won the match against Tiger Woods and collected $ 9 million, becoming the match with the largest prize value in golf history.

In 2018, the duel between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson was considered a very expensive match. Although it is a duel and does not belong to any tournament, the total prize money of the match has reached 9 million US dollars. Phil Mickelson then had a victory after 18 official play holes and 4 playoff holes, thereby receiving a huge amount of bonuses.

Fans will have a chance to see them play again when Phil Mickelson announced that he and Tiger Woods are planning a duel this year. This is expected to be a charity match. The victory is not as important as the two golfers use their influence to call for everyone to join hands to fight COVID-19.

Of course, there will not be pictures of hundreds of journalists and fans accompanying the two golfers, but instead there will be only a small number of reporters from TV stations to direct this match to encourage people to stay at home isolated.

5 Popular Types of Golf Courses in The World

Of the tens of thousands of golf courses in operation in the world, no golf course is like any other. In addition to natural factors such as terrain, climate, design style, and participation rights, how to find a suitable golf course for amateur players?

Public golf course

This is a golf course for everyone, with no membership fees. The player only has to pay the green fee. Anyone can pay a low fee to play golf.

These golf courses are popular in developed countries, often built by the government or the government to create conditions for everyone to play golf. In addition, there are private golf courses built on a large scale.

Semi-Private & Resort Golf Course

A combination of membership and visitors. Golfers have the option of paying a daily golf fee or buying a long-term membership card. Members and resort guests at the resort are given priority to golf at the main time frame, other subjects can only play golf at certain hours with a high fee.

Private Golf course

In contrast to the Public golf course, this is a golf course only for members and guests. This type of golf course usually has a high membership fee to limit the number of guaranteed quality of service and privacy of members. The characteristic of these golf courses is located near the city center.

Links Course

This type of golf course is located near the coast, located on thin sandy strips, lawns, sand dunes and always high winds year round. Called golf links because these elements are combined together. The sandy yard has undulating fairway, lots of sand dunes with deep sand traps, little or no trees.

Parkland Course

Golf courses are favored and popular in countries with developed golf industry such as the US and Europe. This type of golf course is characterized by many large trees, shrubs, fairway all year round, well cared for. The bunkers are also arranged with dense density creating difficulty for the yard. Park golf courses are often located inland, but some are built near the coast.

Let’s go Nullabor Links that’s The longest golf course in the world

Nullabor Links is an 18-hole par 72 golf course, dubbed the “Longest golf course in the world” with a length of up to 1,365 km along the Eyre highway and the southern coast of Australia, across 2 wide states.

The major are South Australia and Western Australia. The idea of ​​building this unique golf course came from Alf Caputo and Bob Bongiorno – both of whom work in the Eyre Highway Operating Association. The golf course officially came into operation on October 22, 2009.


The starting and ending points for the golf course are in the Goldmining town of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia and the coastal town of Ceduna, South Australia. Course designers have come up with the idea of ​​taking 7 holes from existing golf courses combined with 11 new holes. The newly constructed holes have tee and green areas using artificial grass, along with the natural desert landscape.

The holes of the yard are completely normal length, but the distance between them is something worth mentioning. Walking is not a reasonable option, even regular golf cars are not. Players need to bring a car and drive to the next hole because there are holes up to 100 km apart. If you play at a normal pace, it will take 5 to 7 days to complete a round of golf and in theory it is only 2 to 3 days if you are determined enough.

Usually most visitors will run along the Eyre highway quickly to another more attractive tourist destination. The Nullabor Links golf course project is therefore seen as a way to attract visitors to a relatively remote area of ​​Australia and stop at a few locations, enjoy the scenery, spend a little, through That supports employment and the local economy.


Investors believe that “Completing 18 holes at the longest golf course in the world” will surely be a unique experience that attracts golfers, while also attracting them to an “authentic Australia”. Not just the Sydney Opera House or Jetty when coming to Australia.

For the same reason, the holes are arranged so that golfers and tourists can easily access to cultural, historical and ecological tourist attractions stretching through the places the golf course goes through. Nullabor Links also stretches to 3 time zones.

Floating or sunken golf ball – interesting things that the player may not know

The golf ball may seem small, but inside it is a lot of interesting things. It’s a floating or sunken golf ball, let’s find out in this article. There are two types of golf ball: floating golf ball and sunken golf ball.

Usually when going to the golf course, golfers will use more submersible golf balls than floating golf balls, floating golf balls are often used for training courses when hitting the lake with a design that helps the ball be strong and durable in the environment country.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đánh golf

For submersible golf balls, designed golf balls absorb water. It only takes about 12 hours for water to seep into the shell and to the core, the amount of absorption varies between different golf balls and the time they are submerged. For drying, even at high temperatures, it will not drain water out.

The amount of water remaining in the ball, although not affecting the aerodynamic surface, has many effects on distance as well as energy.

Floating golf balls are not significantly different from normal golf balls. The rules set maximum weight and minimum diameter for a ball. Making the balls heavier and smaller increases the stroke distance, so it is obvious that normal golf balls go to these limits and therefore will have a density of about 1.09 as they will sink in water.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đánh golf

To create a floating ball, you’ll only need to adjust the mixture used and thus make it bigger (keep weight) or make it lighter keep the diameter to achieve a density of less than 1.0, typical floaters do. The same reduction in weight will increase performance rather than increase size.

The synthetic material used is the same as in ordinary balls and is difficult to distinguish from each other. So why not play floating golf? Because they will have to reduce the density of the ball too much, this makes the distance and ability of the player to be reduced by half or more.

In short, there are two types of floating and submersible golf balls, and most players will use submersible golf balls to ensure the distance and performance of the golf balls are always guaranteed, while floating golf balls are the preferred type. with golf courses around the lake.

Sometimes golfers cannot ignore about learning and practicing playing golf

As the number of new players starting to approach golf increases, so does the demand for learning to play and practice golf. So how to learn and practice playing golf appropriately? Should we look to basic golf courses?

In order to form a good skill base, a mature, smooth playing style, players need to undergo a process from basic to advanced, with many different levels. Readers can refer to basic golf lessons through our other articles on this topic.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chơi golf

The essence of the practice of playing golf is to learn and acquire skills from the basic golf practice sessions, in particular from the highly qualified players, then self-cultivate and practice more. So all golfers can guide their friends and relatives if you have a relative knowledge of golf.

To play golf well you need to get into practice. So the golf lessons, basic golf lessons right on the golf course are extremely practical for those who are passionate about golf but still surprised at the beginning. To make this quite simple, golfers can take friends and relatives to the golf course to be able to contact and get acquainted with golf, just need to ensure the criteria of golf fashion.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

In addition, there are many quality golf courses available for those wishing to start golf. When taking these courses, you will learn basic golf from real golf experts, suitable golf exercises, your level will be able to increase rapidly. What you need to find out is that the class schedule as well as the target center’s target are immediately available for registration.

These are our share about learning to play golf, practice playing golf for both old golfers and those who want to learn and start a new golf game. We hope readers will have the right look and direction when playing golf, thereby achieving the best results as well as fun and health.

Vietnam develops fastest golf in the world

Of the 209 countries with golf courses, Vietnam is the leading growth market in the world.

This judgment was signed by journalist Erik Matuszewski in a recent issue of Forbes magazine. Matuszewski has 20 years of experience writing about American and global sports and is currently the Director of the US national golf fund.

According to the latest report on the world golf market of R&A Club, based on global data from the National Golf Foundation, Vietnam has 78 golf courses in operation and 43 others being completed.

Sân FLC Hạ Long do Curley và Schmidt thiết kế.

Two American golf architects, Brian Curley and Lee Schmidt, have built five golf courses in Vietnam. They plan to have three more projects in Vietnam in the next few months. And if economic conditions allow it, the pitch could be up to 20 in the future.

“After spending 20 years working in difficult terrain conditions in China, what Vietnam has is like a dream to us,” architects Curley emphasized the advantage of the terrain that Vietnam owns.

Mr. Brian Curley started his career under the guidance of renowned golf designer Pete Dye – who designs golf courses scattered throughout the United States and the world. Curley then teamed up with architect Schmidt to set up the design firm Schmidt-Curley in 1999. The duo focused on the Asian golf market – where their portfolio amounted to 150 facilities.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đánh golf

“Vietnam has many semi-desert locations and impressive terrain characteristics, suitable for golf courses,” Mr. Curley added. “I hope to see continued growth in pitch here, but that will depend on a few key corporations.”

Asia currently has 149 golf courses currently under construction or about to be built, accounting for 28% of the golf courses being developed worldwide. According to Forbes, no country has golf growth faster than Vietnam.

With a population of nearly 100 million, Vietnam is the 15th most populous country in the world. The number of people visiting resorts with golf courses has increased significantly in the past few years. Air travel costs in Vietnam are also more affordable, and that is one of the reasons for Forbes to believe that golf development in Vietnam has no signs of stopping.